3_keys_to_leadershipI recently read a sufficiently short piece with several tips for being a leader–“whether you are leading a work team, a division, a company or an industry.”

1) Be a General. Be fearless and strategic in your leadership–just as ask a retired four-star general Colin Powell how he was so successful.

2) Be a Teacher. A good leader is successful not just because they bring people along in a process, but because they share knowledge with those they are leading–helping those individuals become better themselves.

3) Be an Optimist. Belief in your success is essential to keeping those around you motivated–be S.M.A.R.T about yout goals so that they can become realized.

“Embracing the 3 elements of great leadership will bring you – and those you lead – three steps closer to success.”

[To read the full article on LinkedIn, by the CEO of Rakuten Inc., Hiroshi Mikitani, click here.]