So, instead of the traditional New Year’s resolutions I have elected to go a slightly different route. I want to use 12 months to launch and enhanced me. At the end of each month I will have incorporated something new into my life so as to better myself and maybe even those around me. Below you will see some of the first thoughts I have had about this 12 month re-launch…I am struggling on ideas of several of the months…maybe you have some ideas?

January: Ask for more water when eating out.

February: Read at least one book per month.

March: Go to the gym at least once a week.

April: Have weekly contact with Stephanie for more than 10mins.

May: Generate a new blog posting at least twice a month: “Life Updates”.

June: Define/Refine the MDP Business Plan.

July: Save at least $50 per month in ING (and dont touch!).





December: Officially launch MDP Creative